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Thank you for taking the time to consider how psychotherapy and counseling might benefit the emotional and relational needs that you are facing right now.  

The personal journey that we walk throughout our lives will inevitably bring about difficult experiences. We will likely face losses, crises and questions that challenge our sense of direction in life. Yet within these moments of struggle and questioning, we also carry with us the inherent potential for growth and change. This path to healing change often requires a deepened commitment to fostering an authentic relationship with ourselves, with others in our lives, and with the world around us.  

As a depth-oriented psychotherapist, I believe that we experience this potential for growth and change by gaining a deeper understanding of how our psychological life relates with our emotional and relational lives, as well as the connection with our physical health and well-being. Utilizing depth-oriented, solution-focused approaches in therapy, my commitment is to support your emotional growth while emphasizing the possibilities for positive change.  

In therapy, my goal as a professional clinician is to provide you with a trusting and safe relationship, seeking to help you understand the challenges and possibilities within your life, while also being skillful in helping you navigate through uncertainties.

I look forward to working collaboratively with you as we discover the potential for growth and change in your life!    

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